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If you are one of those people who is interested in learning unique details about American towns, this is for you. Franklin, Massachusetts is a small town located in Norfolk County. Here are five things that set it apart from any other place in the state.

franklin, ma

1. The First Library Was Here

franklin ma libraryThere are many cities and towns all across the nation, but none of them can make this claim. Franklin was the home of the first library. What makes this fact even more unique is the fact that the first books on the shelves were donated by Benjamin Franklin himself.

2. The Largest Catholic Parish in the Boston Archdiocese

Catholicism is one of the world’s most popular religions. With that said, this is why there are parishes located all over the globe. Out of all the parishes that make up the Boston Archdiocese, the one in Franklin is the largest. It has more than 15 thousand members. Quite impressive for a town that has less than 35 thousand residents.

3. Its Former Name Was Exeter

When the town was first established, it was supposed to be called Exeter. Before the town adopted this name, there was a meeting of minds and it was decided that the town would be renamed Franklin. This was to be done in honor of Benjamin Franklin. This is probably the reason that he was so generous when it came to donating books to the library.

4. Tom Brady Called It Home

If you are a history fan as well as a sports buff, you may find great delight in this fact. Tom Brady once lived in Franklin, Massachusetts, even if it was only for a brief time. While he did not call a local realtor and purchase any property in the town, he certainly resided there. In case you were wondering exactly where the sports superstar decided to lie his head while living in Franklin, he had a place at the Chestnut Ridge Condominiums.

5. There Is a One-Room Schoolhouse

Red Brick School in Franklin MAWhile schools now have the luxury of having many rooms, it was once very common to teach all of the children in a single room. The Red Brick Schoolhouse was established in 1792 and it has been home to many students since then. Shockingly, after all of these years, it is still being used as a place of education. People have tried to have the school closed down several times over the years, but somehow it keeps surviving and has become a place that the town is pretty lucky to have.

If you are not from Franklin Mass and you wanted to get a good idea of what makes the town so unique, now you know. Every city in the nation has things that make it very different from all of the others. An old schoolhouse, having the first library and being home to an NFL powerhouse are only a few of the things that make this town one of a kind.